10 Benefits of Natural Language Business Intelligence [E-book]

Natural Language Business Intelligence is the new kid in town. From disruptive startups to big vendors trying to catch the train, these BI tools with Google-like interface are making waves in the BI market. But the real questions you want to be answered are: Why is Natural Language BI the future? And what are the main advantages for companies?

With low adoption rates, gigantic deployment costs and an enormous amount of unexplored data, something was wrong in the relm of Business Intelligence (and to be fair it still is). Just take a look at this numbers:

  • Companies spend $55 billions every year in BI services;
  • But only 25% say it was successfully deployd;
  • 95% of data isn’t being explored;
  • Average BI adoption rate is 21%.

These are all signs that BI software are falling short on their promise to give companies the power to make better and faster decisions. Natural Language BI is filling the gap between BI tools and business users.

Here’s a sneak-peek at how Natural Language BI is revolutionizing the way companies interact with data:

  • Democratization of access to data;
  • Fast return on value;
  • Real-time anlysis;
  • Handles any format of information.

Download your e-book today, and learn why Natural Language is the future of BI and your company.

Advantages of Natural Language Business Intelligence


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