10 people you should meet at Dreamforce’15

We could also name this post Mission Impossible 6.  With days packed with presentations, training sessions, development zones and so much networking opportunities (not to mention the gigantic number of attendees) you may find difficult to meet with everyone on this list. Nevertheless it will worth your time (you can at least follow them on Twitter). These awesome specialists in Analytics – users, partners and Salesforce staff – could give you great piece of advice, discuss trends and inspire you.

From Salesforce

Alex Dayon Dreamforce'15Alex Dayon @SFDCAlex – Alex Dayon is the President of Products at Salesforce.com. He led Analytics Cloud presentation last year at Dreamforce. Our guess is that is not going to be easy to connect with him. Nevertheless won’t be a better person to discuss trends on Analytics and Salesforce. Good luck for the chasing!


Vijay Chakravarthy @vchakrav  Vijay was also part of Analytics vijayCloud Keynote session last year. He is Chief Product Officer from Analytics at Salesforce. Once again great person to talk with regarding Analytics Cloud roadmap, trends and innovation.


AleAlex Toussaint Dreamforce'15x Toussaint 
 @alextoussaint – Alex is Analytics & Big Data Product Management at Salesforce. He will be presenting some sessions this year and will be also at Analytics Cloud booth. Alex has been leading Analytics Cloud API integration with features from other companies like Wizdee, that is integrating Natural Language Processing in Analytics Cloud.



Becka Dente Dreamforce'15Becka Dente @sfdc_nerd  She is a regular speaker at Salesforce events. Last year at Dreamforce she presented Admins and Business Analysts: agents of change with Cheryl, Laura and Eric. She is an inaugural MVP and owns the blog forcebehindtheforce.com.


Cheryl Feldman Dreamforce'15
Cheryl Feldman
@CherFeldman – Also a regular speaker regarding Salesforce and a MVP. Last year was Cheryl first time presenting at Dreamforce and she did five sessions. Cheryl has a blog called cherfeldman.blogspot.pt and is part of NYC Girly Geeks.


Jennifer Wobser Dreamforce'15
Jennifer Wobser
@crmsalesgem  For 10 years Jennifer has been presenting sessions on Analytics at Dreamforce. “Putting Mobile Analytics into the Hands of Salespeople” and How Top Companies are Transforming their Business with Analytics” are two examples of sessions she led last year. She is of course an MVP and a great mentor.


Launa Saunders Dreamforce'15Launa Saunders @LaunaSaunders  Launa is San Diego Salesforce User Group Co-Leader and a Salesforce MVP. She is an experienced speaker on Salesforce related topics and co-presented Admins and Business Analysts: agents of change last year at Dreamforce. Launa has five years of experience in analysis of business processes, workflow and modeling.

Eric Dreshfield Dreamforce'15Eric Dreshfield @ericdresh – Eric is a  three time Salesforce MVP, Event Chair for Midwest Dreamin’ and leader of Southern Indiana Salesforce User Group. Last year he hosted “Analytics Birds of a Feather Lunch” at Dreamforce for anyone interested in connecting to discuss analytics, reporting, dashboards, etc. This year he will be organizing it again.


Last but not the least

We will be at Dreamforce on Salesforce Analytics Cloud booth presenting our Natural Language BI solution. We integrated with Analytics Cloud to let you search and analyze your Salesforce data on Android just by speaking or typing questions using everyday language. Follows on Twitter: @wizdee or meet our CEO at Dreamforce’15.

Wizdee at Dreamforce'15Paulo Gomes @pgomes72  CEO at Wizdee, he will show you how you can get results in seconds on your Android just by typing queries like “Opportunities by region by product last month”. Paulo is passioned about every piece of technology that trully innovates users experience and he won’t say no to a cup of tea.


Bruno Antunes Dreamforce'15Bruno Antunes @bemantunes  CTO at Wizdee, he can explain you how it all works. If you have more technical questions or want to have a glimpse of the technology under the hood, Bruno is the one to go.


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