10 Salesforce Influencers to keep following after Dreamforce’16


Last week we shared big emotions, discoveries, innovations and networking with great spirit. But has the Dream come to an end?

Wizdee helped you to prepare for Dreamforce and now we are going to help you keep the good vibes flowing on Twitter and Salesforce Success Community.

We are sure you connected to a lot new people on Linkedin and on Twitter, but we wanted to share with you some of the ones you really should follow on social media. 


#0 Marc Benioff  @Benioff

He is Salesforce most prominent figure and hosts the most awesome keynotes. You are probably following him already, so that’s why we are not even counting with him in the 10 people to follow, but had to mention him on this list.


#1 . Mike Gerholdt @MikeGerholdt

Mike is the host of the ButtonClick Admin Podcast, the top source for Salesforce Admins and Developers to learn about new features.He is the Manager of Salesforce Admin Evangelism group and speaks regularly at Dreamforce about Admin best practices.

Also made one of the most shared DF16 gif promoting its Session.



#2 Eric Dreshfield @ericdresh

Eric is a Four time Salesforce MVP, Founder of the Midwest Dreamin’ Event and leader of Southern Indiana Salesforce User Group. Besides being the nicest guy, he is a must follow for everyone interested in discuss analytics, reporting, dashboards, etc.


#3 Jennifer Wobser @crmsalesgem

Is a veteran Salesforce.Com Admin with more than 10 year experience and several sessions presented in Dreamforce Events. She describes herself as an “Incurable Data Junkie with a <3 for all things Analytics!” We just couldn’t let her out of this list.


#4 Cheryl Feldman @CherFeldman

Cheryl presented at Dreamforce for first time in 2014, gave five sessions and didn’t stop since that. She is one of the most active part of the NYC Girly Geeks and the leader of the New York User Group on Salesforce Success Community.


#5 Becka Dente @sfdc_nerd

Rebecca is a top Salesforce practitioner with more than 10 year of experience working with Cloud Tech and she was one of the inaugural MVP’s. She is a regular speaker at Salesforce events and Co-hosts the podcast “One Of These Things”.


#6 Fabrice Cathala @fcathala

Fabrice is a french Salesforce Architect, evangelist and Blogger on essentiallyforce.com and one of the most influential individuals talking about Salesforce on Twitter.


#7 Daniel Peter @danieljpeter

Daniel is a multi certified salesforce MVP from the Bay area. He has a very active Twitter and will keep your timeline filled with great content about Salesforce.


#8 SteveMo @SteveMoForce

Steve is an MVP and one of the most active Salesforce Success Community Users. He is also one of the main users of the Hashtag #askforce, helping Salesforce users on Twitter.


#9 Phil Walton @SFDCphil

Phil was named one of the most influential persons of Dreamforce 2015 and he surely repeated the exploit this year. He is an UK based MVP and an active member of the #BoldForce (Funny Group of Bald Salesforce Admins).

#10 Francis Pindar @radnip

Francis is also a UK Based Salesforce MVP. He gave a session named “An Admin’s Guide to the Developer Console” if you want to know more you can also read about it in his blog www.radnip.com.


#Extra  Wizdee

Salesforce invited Wizdee for the second time in a row to showcase their natural language analytics solution for SF at Dreamforce. This year they were at the Startup Valley. Looking for disruptive analytics content this is the place to go.

Who else you think should be in this list?

See you at #DF17!


PS: As Einstein, supposedly said “To keep your balance, you must keep moving”, so check these “5 things you should do after Dreamforce” to keep the rhythm going.



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