5 things you are going to lose with Mobile BI


Gartner predicted that in 2015 over 50% of Mobile BI users would rely exclusively on mobile devices to get business insights. It also states that Mobile BI would increase BI users by 20% this year.

So it’s fair to say that Mobile Business Intelligence is here for good and things are going to be different now. It will significantly change the way we work and will make us lose a few things like these:


Remember those trips to the office every time you needed a report or an extra piece of information between meetings? Yeah those things will no longer happen.

Mobile BI give everyone access to the data they need, when and where they need it. So no matter what business decision you are facing, you will always have data to take the right action.

No more back and forward to the office or in alternative making decisions based on gut instincts, your organization will gain speed and start responding in real-time.

But I bet your desk will miss you.


Oh the adrenaline of not knowing exactly how your team and your business were performing while you were travelling. When there was no way you could access your data or keep up with 50 pages reports. Those were the days.

Now you have bi-directional data access and real-time information in your smartphone. Every report, widget and dashboard is up to date. You can access data, analyze it, get insights and make decisions while you are on the go.

You can finally keep up with the speed of your business anticipating threats and seizing every opportunity.

Shame on you.


It was so much better when you had to schedule a meeting or send an email with a 30 pages report attached to discuss a specific result you had doubts about.

Now you are forced to interact through mobile BI apps, quickly sharing results and boosting conversations with your team.

You can even choose between sharing results using and internal network, social media or productivity tools. And as everyone in your team already has its phone in hand hours a day it becomes easier and faster to communicate. Ultimately it increases productivity.

Gosh this is horrible.

Customers’ complains

This must be the worst.

Remember when your clients complained because they had to wait days for a response?

By empowering users with access to real-time information regardless of their location, Mobile BI helps improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction as teams can make quicker and better-informed decisions.

This is particularly important for sales staff, because it helps to deliver better and faster answers to customers, improving their experience and satisfaction.

Bad results

There was a market change: your competitors just released an amazing feature or were bought by a bigger company. Your response? Ask for a report, wait days for it, schedule a meeting to discuss it and finally take a decision.

Maybe you should get quicker on your feet.

Access to real-time data anywhere help you respond faster to a market change, increases the chances to up-sell and cross-sell and let you easily identify and manage emergent opportunities.

That is awful.

According to a study from Aberdeen Group, companies harnessing Mobile BI make decisions in one-sixth of the time taken by companies without Mobile BI. Ultimately, faster and better decisions will put you ahead of your competitors.

This kind of responsiveness and speed that Mobile BI gives to organizations will definitely break habits and change the way we work… for the better.

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