Going to Dreamforce and interest in analytics? Take note of these sessions!

Dreamforce 2015 Analytics Sessions

Without surprise Wave and analytics will be an important part of Dreamforce’15 so you can count with sessions exploring best practices, customers testimonies and more. You will also have some sessions more centered on innovation and trends like IoT and to wrap up don’t forget partners and vendors presentations that always bring their best game to Dreamforce.

We gathered all the sessions related to Analytics that Dreamforce is presenting in their website. Take a look how this list is coming along:

  • Faster Business Insights: Transform Spreadsheets with the Wave Connector

    The Wave Connector makes business analysis easy, fast, and intuitive, and is one of our most widely used features. With the Wave Connector, you no longer have to live in spreadsheets to makes decisions and can instantly access your excel data from anywhere, on any device. Join us to see how you can supercharge your time and become more efficient with the Wave Connector.

  • Gain Real-time Insights: Analyze Your Business From Your Phone with Wave

    Your Company is constantly evolving while you’re on the road. You need instant access to all of your data to make the smartest decisions and take the smartest actions on the go. Join us to hear how customers are running their businesses from their phones, never skipping a beat no matter where they are.

  • Sales Intelligence: Turn Sales Managers into Leaders with Wave

    Sales managers need to lead their business with speed. But, too often, it takes too long to get answers, KPIs are difficult to measure, and it becomes impossible to uncover the root of your business problems. It’s time to change the game. Join us to learn about the latest tools to move you from managing to leading with data.

  • Salesforce Wave Platform Best Practices

    Salesforce Analytics can help you get deeper business insights, but are getting the most from your Analytics investment? Join this session to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for maximizing your Analytics success. You’ll learn about Premier Success resources tailored specifically for Analytics customers and get concrete recommendations you can put to use today.

  • Salesforce Wave: Basics to Dashboards

    Join us to get a basic understanding of how to set up a simple Dashboard with Salesforce Wave Analytics. We’ll show you how to set up a data set using Salesforce objects, create Lenses, and build a dashboard that you can deploy easily to your end users.

  • The Armed Sales Person (Sales Cloud + Wave)

    Sales Analytics introduces a new level of insight for transforming processes and engaging with customers in a whole new way. Join us to learn how Sales Cloud Reports and Dashboards, and Sales Wave combined create the all new Intelligent Sales Person.

  • Verizon: Improving Sales Effectiveness with Analytics Cloud

    B2B sales is a labor intensive and costly process. Mobile sales tools can definitely help make sales reps more effective in each sales interaction, but sales data can help optimize the sales cycle further. Join us to learn how Verizon is using the Wave Analytics Cloud to make their B2B sales reps far more effective.

  • Key business data comes from a variety of sources, but you need to be able bring it all together to see the trends that matter most in order to take action. Join us to hear how customers are leveraging data from all areas of their businesses to make decisions that elevate them above the competition.

  • Enabling and Monetizing IOT – Connected Products

    By 2020, its estimated there will be over 75 billion connected devices. Join us to hear how manufacturers are leveraging Salesforce Connected Products solution to take advantage of this rapidly growing opportunity, and learn how you can connect your devices to the cloud, gather device data, analyze that data, create actions, and develop new business and revenue models based on those results.

Remember this list is not closed there are plenty of announcements to come. What would you like to see at Dreamforce 2015 regarding analytics?

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