Modern BI, the band-aid for data scientists shortage

Data Scientist Shortage

By 2018, US will face a shortage of at least 140,000 data scientists. The numbers are from a McKinsey report about the frustration companies face when trying to hire these professionals. The demand keeps increasing as more and more companies look to leverage the value of data, so data scientist shortage won’t go away. This may not be a solution, but will sure help. (more…)

How serious are people about their business data?

Last month we launched a “Naughty or Nice” quiz as a special Christmas campaign. We challenged participants to search for guilty behaviour on how they had treated business data during 2016.

The goal was to understand how people are embracing data. Are they making data-driven decisions? Are people at ease with using data in a biased way to get support for their projects?

Let’s find out! (more…)

What will redefine BI in 2017


We live in exciting times for BI. There has been at least a decade since we saw so much disruptiveness on this industry: AI agents that give business advices, voice interfaces, automatic generated visualizations, self-preparation data… The way we interact with data is changing for good and we just can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring us. With the help of our partners ImproveCX and TechStorm we predicted the Business Intelligence trends for the next year. (more…)

BI Xmas Wish List – what will companies look for in 2017

We are back to that time of the year when your children and nephews write their letter to Santa listing the gifts they wish to receive. Turns out companies also have wish lists. But let’s skip the most obvious requests like clients, revenue and a better coffee machine. With the help of BARC we managed to put our hands on companies’ wish list for business intelligence.


Redefining Banking with Natural Language Fintech

Fintech for Banking

Banking has always been one of the slowest business sectors when it comes to adopting new technology. Fintech has brought some speed and produced exciting use cases of innovation in that field. One of the most exciting ones is the use of Natural Language Analytics in areas like personal finance management, risk assessment and financial assets management. Take a look!


Finding Business Intelligence @ Web Summit



Web Summit needs no introduction as it has become one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. All kind of professionals, with all kind of backgrounds gather to discuss and learn about one thing: how technology is changing our lives and work.

Big data and Analytics being two major trends in the tech world couldn’t possible be left out.

Prepare to meet disruptive startups with new approaches to BI and hear from experts about their data-driven personal experiences.