10 Benefits of Natural Language Business Intelligence [E-book]

Natural Language Business Intelligence is the new kid in town. From disruptive startups to big vendors trying to catch the train, these BI tools with Google-like interface are making waves in the BI market. But the real questions you want to be answered are: Why is Natural Language BI the future? And what are the main advantages for companies?


Going to Dreamforce and interest in analytics? Take note of these sessions!

Dreamforce 2015 Analytics Sessions

Without surprise Wave and analytics will be an important part of Dreamforce’15 so you can count with sessions exploring best practices, customers testimonies and more. You will also have some sessions more centered on innovation and trends like IoT and to wrap up don’t forget partners and vendors presentations that always bring their best game to Dreamforce.


5 things you are going to lose with Mobile BI


Gartner predicted that in 2015 over 50% of Mobile BI users would rely exclusively on mobile devices to get business insights. It also states that Mobile BI would increase BI users by 20% this year.

So it’s fair to say that Mobile Business Intelligence is here for good and things are going to be different now. It will significantly change the way we work and will make us lose a few things like these:


Does your sales team despise BI? They may have good reasons.

Business Intelligence adoption problems

Business Intelligence (BI) software aims to help people work more effectively by providing meaningful information. Sales reps, managers and executives are the ones who need it the most. However is common for the first group to show some resistance to use this kind of tools and they may have a good point. Here are five valid reasons why BI adoption can be a challenge for sales people and how to overcome those obstacles.


How to choose the best chart to tell your story

The Right Chart

We always have presentations or reports to do and it is common or even mandatory to include charts or graphs in it, but one of the struggles is understanding what type of chart to use. When you choose the wrong one it makes it extremely difficult to extract meaning from the numbers and it can lead to wrong decisions. We’ll give you some hints on which chart to use according to the message you want to convey.