Best Analytics Sessions at Dreamforce’14

Analytics best sessions at Dreamforce

Last year Analytics was the thing at Dreamforce, with tones of sessions for every user level. We put together a small list that will make you travel in time and revisit the best sessions at Dreamforce regarding Analytics.

Admins and Business Analysts: agents of change

Business Analysts session Dreamforce

Speakers: Brenda Dente, Cheryl Feldman, Launa Saunders and Eric Dreshfield.

Description: As organizations and the use of technology grows, the importance of System Admin / Business Analyst talents to manage change efficiently grows exponentially, and becomes more crucial than ever. They demonstrate best practices in managing change and delivering successful business outcomes through real-world scenarios, including.

Slides: Access presentation slides here.


– Actionable Analytics: Not your typical dashboards and reporting session

Dashboards Reports session Dreamforce

Speakers: Kamal Ahluwalia, CMO at Apptus.

Description: Learn how to make data-driven business decisions that go far beyond the typical dashboards and reports that you already know, see the latest analytics capabilities powered by Salesforce Analytics Cloud, and learn which KPIs can move the needle in your business.

Video: Watch Kent presentation at Dreamforce Vidyard.


– Go Further: Dashboards Don’t Belong Only in Automobiles Anymore

Analytics session Eric Dreshfield Dreamforce

Speakers: Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce MVP.

Description: Dashboards can be a very valuable tool, when filled with the right information. But when burdened down with useless trivia, they can be as damaging as a front-end collision with a Mack truck. Learn how to determine what metrics should be displayed on a dashboard, and which type of chart makes the most sense.

Video: Learn more about dashboards with Eric here.


– Make Smarter Decisions with Salesforce Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards session dreamforce

Description: Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with Reports that anyone can easily create. Report on sales, service, custom apps, and third-party data with Salesforce.

Video: Watch this Analytics presentation here.


– Salesforce Wave: Analytics Cloud Keynote 

Keynote Analytics Session Dreamforce

Speakers: Alex Dayon, Keith Bigelow, Stephanie Buscemi and Vijay Chakravarthy.

Description: Wave was the biggest release last year. In this presentation speakers explain how Analytics let users know their customers in a whole new way.

Video: Watch Analytics Cloud Keynote here.

Do you agree with our picks? Which sessions would you add to this list? And more importantly what would you like to see at Dreamforce’15?


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