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What’s going to change in our lives with Voice Technology

Wizdee - The rise of Voice Technology

Imagine, it’s 7am and your clock starts to beep. Instead of stretching your arm and try to find the clock with your eyes still half closed you can simply say “I’m awake” or for the grumpy ones “Shut up”. Go to your bathroom and say “Shower” and you will be having a bath at the perfect temperature. For breakfast you can simply turn on your coffee machine by speaking to it while you go through news and email. Find something worthy to reply just dictate the text and say “Send”. This is just the beginning. Take a glimpse of how our daily life will be with Voice based technology.


When will we be driving cars like KITT?

Wizdee - When will we be driving KITT

“KITT come and get me” is a line craved in the memory of everyone who lived in the 80’s. “Knight Rider” was a series that starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a crime fighter backed by an artificially intelligent car, K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand).

Today some of KITT’s features are trending technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Internet of Things (IoT) and even driverless cars. These fields have evolve significantly but how close are we from having cars like KITT?


The sales team from the future


Salespeople as we know them might be a threatened species. The salesperson with “people skills”, talker and good on picking social hints is no longer the most successful seller. Tech savvy reps are taking the lead as adapting to and adopting new technology becomes imperious in order to remain competitive. Take a look on how the future of sales looks like and what you’ll have to do in order to succeed.


What are you doing with your data?

With internet and social media, companies can now gather enormous quantities of information about their clients, prospects and markets. According to the IDC report published in April last year, there are 4.4 trillions of gigabytes of digital data but only 5% is being put to work.

Now apply this to your company. How much of your company’s data is being explored? How many insights are you taking from all the information you store? Is the data you gathered about your clients being used to grow revenue? (more…)

Semantic Search for Business Discovery

With the increasing business competition, having information to succeed is not enough. Businesses need to analyze the information that they have and get new insights to make better decisions. The traditional field of Business Intelligence with its costly and cumbersome tools is not enough to get insights and discover patterns in data. Business users need tools that enables them to explore the business information in an intuitive and flexible way. They need truly self-service solutions that enables them Business Discovery – Semantic Search is the way to go.


The First Step in the Democratization of Business Information Analysis and Exploration

In Wizdee, we have always looked at the world of Business Intelligence solutions with the sense that these could be more simple. We are mainly from the Artificial Intelligence area, but with a good background (and several Industry projects) in Business Intelligence, and it was always a big pain the amount of work and complexity that the BI projects demanded from us.