Bringing Natural Language to Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce Analytics for AndroidWizdee is among a restricted group of companies that were chosen by Salesforce to have early access to its API. For the last months we have been working closely with Salesforce to give users a new and exciting experience – exploring their data just by speaking or typing queries using everyday language.

Data exploration as easy as using Google

At Wizdee we work hard every day to make data easily accessible to everyone. We believe that our Natural Language interface for exploring data is the answer to that quest. It makes data exploration as easy as using Google, and it can’t get easier than that.

But the user interface is only one face of the coin, on the other side is data, with all its heterogeneity. If we want to democratize access to data, we have not only to reach the largest and most diverse set of users, but also to be able to gather that data from different sources and formats.

If our search box is the front door, always open for users to come in and explore data, connectors are like the back door that we use to bring data into our house. During the last few months we have put a lot of effort on developing new connectors, some of them you already know, some will be released soon, including the connector for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud and its Wave technology.

Powerful, fast and easy to integrate

We love to work with data providers that are powerful, fast and easy to integrate, and Analytics Cloud is all that. It was released last year, at Dreamforce, and since then they have been working internally on a public API that will allow any tool to easily integrate with Wave.

As we said before, Wizdee is among a restricted group of companies that were chosen by Salesforce to have early access to this API, and we have been working closely with Salesforce during the last months to build a connector that will bring Natural Language to the Analytics Cloud platform.

For us it is important to have an API that is easy to use, secure and fast, and the new Wave API satisfies all our requirements. It brings the simplicity of a REST API, the security of OAuth 2.0 and the speed guaranteed by the powerful Salesforce cloud infrastructure.

We can use the API to look inside the Analytics Cloud and get all the information we need about the data and its structure. On the other hand, being a data exploration tool, we also need a rich query language to retrieve data out of Wave, and that’s where SAQL comes to action.

We use SAQL to query data on Wave just like we use SQL to query data on a relational database, and that’s what we need to bring data to our users as easily as typing a search query in Google.

Try it for yourself

By combining a massive cloud infrastructure, an easy to use API and a rich query language, Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides all the means we needed to build a great integration, and that’s what we did.

You can already experience the power of Natural Language queries on top of Wave. Put that together with our brand new mobile app and you have the recipe for an awesome user experience. Give a try to our Android Beta Version and see for yourself.

Data exploration should not be complicated, and it is not, with Wizdee.

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