Can we say that BI achieved its fourth generation?

BI Generation 4.0

With the second and third generations of BI still evolving and well stablish in the market it could seem premature to talk about a new generation of BI. However, these new vendors with a fundamentally different approach and distinguishable features seem to be difficult to fit elsewhere.


What is happening?
In the last couple of years, BI solutions have merged machine learning, natural language and semantic search technologies to push BI boundaries to new levels.

The goal is to finally tackle some of BI biggest challenges: usability, time to insights and volume of data (and if you ask me we should also add type of data to the list).

With a completely different User Interface and by adding Real-time analytics they make “BI for everyone” more than a jargon repeated till exhaustion.

From new vendors to established players trying to catch the wave, natural language interfaces and machine learning seem to be the state of Art of Business Intelligence solutions.

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4.0 Generation Business Intelligence

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