Can Your Customers Use Reporting?

Reporting for FinanceLike most people I am a customer of a bank. I hate electronic banking as I rarely get the information I want and am dependent on using the banks data and then extrapolating the information I want from what I am supplied. Not the greatest experience.

It is interesting that we, at Wizdee, are getting increased demand from our customers and prospects asking us for tools that can be rolled out to end users to allow them to find the information they want, in the right format that they need without the need for any training or intervention.

Is this something that is becoming the norm?

I suppose that it is as most people are used to mining for information on large platforms like Google, Amazon or ebay and returning the information they need.

This is where natural language could come in to play. Instead of needing training wouldn’t it be great to just type into a Google like search box queries like:

“Show me my mortage balance”

“How much do I have in my account”

“How much did I spend on restaurants last month”

“When is my next phone bill due for payment”

We are starting to get lots of demand in these areas and I am interested to hear if others are either finding the same, or whether this type of technology could be of interest.

Maybe its just me, but the thought of being able to perform these types of natural queries would save me a lot of time and effort.

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