10 Benefits of Natural Language Business Intelligence [E-book]

Natural Language Business Intelligence is the new kid in town. From disruptive startups to big vendors trying to catch the train, these BI tools with Google-like interface are making waves in the BI market. But the real questions you want to be answered are: Why is Natural Language BI the future? And what are the main advantages for companies?


What are you doing with your data?

With internet and social media, companies can now gather enormous quantities of information about their clients, prospects and markets. According to the IDC report published in April last year, there are 4.4 trillions of gigabytes of digital data but only 5% is being put to work.

Now apply this to your company. How much of your company’s data is being explored? How many insights are you taking from all the information you store? Is the data you gathered about your clients being used to grow revenue? (more…)

Semantic Search for Business Discovery

With the increasing business competition, having information to succeed is not enough. Businesses need to analyze the information that they have and get new insights to make better decisions. The traditional field of Business Intelligence with its costly and cumbersome tools is not enough to get insights and discover patterns in data. Business users need tools that enables them to explore the business information in an intuitive and flexible way. They need truly self-service solutions that enables them Business Discovery – Semantic Search is the way to go.