10 people you should meet at Dreamforce’15

We could also name this post Mission Impossible 6.  With days packed with presentations, training sessions, development zones and so much networking opportunities (not to mention the gigantic number of attendees) you may find difficult to meet with everyone on this list. Nevertheless it will worth your time (you can at least follow them on Twitter). These awesome specialists in Analytics – users, partners and Salesforce staff – could give you great piece of advice, discuss trends and inspire you.


Going to Dreamforce and interest in analytics? Take note of these sessions!

Dreamforce 2015 Analytics Sessions

Without surprise Wave and analytics will be an important part of Dreamforce’15 so you can count with sessions exploring best practices, customers testimonies and more. You will also have some sessions more centered on innovation and trends like IoT and to wrap up don’t forget partners and vendors presentations that always bring their best game to Dreamforce.