Is Natural Language the future of Business Intelligence?

Natural Language Business IntelligenceWhy are major BI vendors adopting Natural Language technology? Why are Natural Language BI startups gathering so much attention and investment? The answer is simple: Natural Language is the future of BI. It has gone beyond being a cool extra feature to be the perfect solution for three critical issues on the BI industry: unstructured data, user adoption and mobile.


5 things you are going to lose with Mobile BI


Gartner predicted that in 2015 over 50% of Mobile BI users would rely exclusively on mobile devices to get business insights. It also states that Mobile BI would increase BI users by 20% this year.

So it’s fair to say that Mobile Business Intelligence is here for good and things are going to be different now. It will significantly change the way we work and will make us lose a few things like these: