What to look for in a Natural Language BI tool?

Evaluate a Natural Language Business IntelligenceYou are looking for a Business Intelligence tool. It must be easy to use, let you explore data by yourself, give real-time insights and have flexibility in the type of data it can handle. You read something about Natural Language BI tools. Seems cool and you want to know what is the best vendor in the market. But how do you evaluate them? What should you be looking for?

We give you seven different criteria.


Is Natural Language the future of Business Intelligence?

Natural Language Business IntelligenceWhy are major BI vendors adopting Natural Language technology? Why are Natural Language BI startups gathering so much attention and investment? The answer is simple: Natural Language is the future of BI. It has gone beyond being a cool extra feature to be the perfect solution for three critical issues on the BI industry: unstructured data, user adoption and mobile.


10 Benefits of Natural Language Business Intelligence [E-book]

Natural Language Business Intelligence is the new kid in town. From disruptive startups to big vendors trying to catch the train, these BI tools with Google-like interface are making waves in the BI market. But the real questions you want to be answered are: Why is Natural Language BI the future? And what are the main advantages for companies?