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I’m João Silva, the new Community Manager at Wizdee. Before I joined this team, my definition of Business Intelligence was this software/place where you gathered all your business information. That’s not far from reality but Wizdee made me see beyond that.

Here are a couple of lessons I’ve learned in the first weeks on a Natural Language Business Intelligence Company.

Lesson 1 – What is really BI?


BI is not one program. It can actually include infrastructures like data warehouses or databases, tools like Wizdee and other BI software and best practices on how to produce analytics.

On other words is a set of tools and systems we all use, to save and analyse important data to the strategic planning process of our business, and after that is the knowledge, intelligence, applied to help and improve our decision making process.

Lesson 2 – Why companies need BI?


As a community manager, I use a lot of analytics tool to track and keep an eye on social media and websites performance and I still use spreadsheets, which can be seen as my own old school BI tool.

Now picture all the spreadsheets and other data sources your company has, from all the different departments. From how many of that data you are actually taking advantage of? You may be missing quite some opportunities or ignoring possible threats.

That’s why BI is useful. When all your data is connected, it’s easier to get the complete picture of your business performance, to explain what happened and why, and also to predict what comes next.

Lesson 3 – Are all the BI tools the same?


As part of the “getting inside the business”, I’ve researched and analyzed other BI vendors and it didn’t take long to understand the difference.

Most BI tools are either too complex for us to even understand how they work, or they have this drag & drop system that never gets it right.

I know, I am now a suspect, but analyzing our data should be fast & easy. I want to check unusual metrics to catch new trends, but it takes to much time to do it and I end up focusing on the usual. If I could access and analyse my data just like I do a web search it would be so much easier. That’s where Wizdee caught my attention.

At Wizdee, we pick up all that data you have scattered throughout multiple data sources and we putted it easily accessible to everyone. How? You just speak or type queries using plain language like “expected revenue for the next quarter” and it automatically presents the result. So say goodbye to those graphs that you had to built on Excel™ or PowerPoint™ to show on meetings while seeing everyone yawning.

With Wizdee, you can prepare a presentation in minutes, even with your smartphone writing or speaking to it, cool, right?

Was this useful to you?

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