Dreamforce parties – the ultimate list

Dreamforce'15 parties

Dreamforce parties are the perfect place to network and relax. This year you can count with more than 30 parties and there is a list with all of them.

This one is not on us. Good guy Glen Holland put together DF’15 Party Helper which is basically a list with all the parties taking place during Dreamforce. Thanks Glen!

But before you go diving in a sea of parties trying to decide how many you can attend in just one night, here are some useful tips:

There is allways an app
Before you hit the party scene, you need a full list of parties, locations, and times to start planning your after-hours schedule. One of the best tools is the Partyforce app.

Can you imagine anything worse than being turned away at the door of an awesome party? Every party has its registation page, look for it in the list you mentioned above and just register in advance to secure your entrance.

Arrive early
You can’t imagine the lines’ size to enter some of the parties. Even when you register you risk not entering. So arrive early to the parties you really want to attend.

More than drinks
There is more in these parties than just drinks and appetizers. It’s the perfect chance to network. So choose your parties according with your interests so you can find people you can relate with or new partners.

This is mandatory
Here is a simple yet unforgetable tip: bring your badge and ID with you everywhere or you won’t get in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Follow the link, chose the parties you can relate with and have fun!

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