When Salesforce Analytics become as easy as Google (and you can try it for free)

Analytics for Salesforce

We have been talking about how you can just grab your phone and speak or type queries to get instant results. Now you can test this by yourself and for free. We are talking about Wizdee, of course.

Last year, Salesforce invited us to bring Natural Language to their platform and to present the results on stage during the Dreamforce 2015. We did and now, we are making it available for all Salesforce users.

Here is how it works

Imagine you are a Sales Manager always on the go, you have your dashboards to monitor everything, but you need some extra information. With Wizdee you can pick your smartphone and speak or type queries like “Expected revenue for the next quarter” and a chart instantly appears in your screen.

You share it with your team, but you also want to add it to a dashboard? Just click save. Everything automatically synchronizes with your Salesforce account, so you can always access the same information in any device, at any time.

In other words

Remember how much time it took to Salesforce admins to create reports and dashboards? Now anyone can create their dashboards and find answers without overload Admins with reports requests. There is always someone that wants things slightly different and now they don’t need to wait days for reports.

Wizdee is about empower sales teams with the right information anywhere, it’s about increasing productivity and saving time.

For Salesforce Sales Cloud users

As we said before, you can use Wizdee for free and no credit cards are required. It’s plug and play.

Go to wizdee.com/home/salesforce-trial to register, and link it to your Salesforce.

There is a catch, you have to be a Sales Cloud user.

If you want to use Wizdee but don’t have Salesforce or Sales Cloud, don’t worry, just send me an email at dsilva@wizdee.com.

Salesforce Free Trial

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