Euro 2016 explored with Business Intelligence

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From 36 teams we are now reduced to four. Portugal, Wales, France, Germany who will be the winner of the 15th UEFA European Championship? It’s on god’s hands…better yet, it’s on the players’ feet!

Since the beginning of the competition we are using our revolutionizing Business Intelligence tool on top of Euro 2016 database. We have been looking on the stats and making dashboards to follow team’s progression.

Wizdee is a Natural Language BI tool, which means that it allows users to explore data just by speaking or typing queries, so we had to adapt the platform to football-related vocabulary. This includes specific expressions that we use for sports like “best scorer”.

Euro 2016 Search

Another challenge was to disambiguate words. Think about the word goals, it can be own goals, conceded goals and it has to include penalties too, right? So when you say goals Wizdee needs to know exactly what you are referring to.

Three weeks after the launch of we had hundreds of users and thousands of queries made. These are numbers that make us proud.

Still haven’t tried Check up your team performance during the Championship or your favorite player stats.

If you don’t know what to search, here are some queries suggested by our Team:


“Top scorer” –  Telma Costa,UX Researcher

“Number of goals on the group stage” – João Silva, Social Media & Community Manager

“Number of Red Cards” – Bárbara Furtado, Frontend Engineer

Average goals per stage” – Laurie Mascott, Head of Worldwide Sales

“Goals by player position” – Diana Silva, Head of Marketing

“Number of goals by age” – Miguel Oliveira, Software Engineer


Try now on


And if your team is out of the Euro… cheer for Portugal! 😉


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