Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem that Wizdee solves?

76% of business users don’t use BI tools. This means that despite all the data at our disposal we keep making decisions short on information. Wizdee enables any type of user to access and analyze information. It empowers people with the ability to explore data by themselves, requiring no technical knowledge.

How will Wizdee help me?

Wizdee helps you discover information that drives your business to success. You immediately make better-informed decisions and improve your productivity. You no longer have to wait days for the answers to your day-to-day questions. With Wizdee you start gathering insights in seconds and accessing your information in any device, anywhere.

How does Wizdee work?

Our software has a natural language search engine, similar to Google, where you can simply type your questions. The system will then interpret your query, translate it into a structured query to your data (which can be SQL, SPARQL, an API call, etc.) and then return the results in an intuitive visual form. It’s that simple.

Who is Wizdee for?

Wizdee is for those companies who want to become data-driven organizations. It´s for dynamic and forward-thinking companies who want everyone to access information. It’s for those who don’t like to wait, who want easy and instant answers anywhere, so they won’t lose an opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced or inexperienced BI user, you don’t need to have a degree in IT or be a data scientist to use Wizdee.

What makes Wizdee a one-of a kind solution?

Despite of the expensive and complex BI solutions that many companies have, business users still have difficulties to access and extract meaningful insights from their data. Wizdee is changing the way organizations interact with data by making it very easy and fast to work with, especially for non-techies. Wizdee search interface, that allows users to produce analytics just by entering natural language queries is a disruptive approach to Business Intelligence. On a more technical side Wizdee supports both on-premises and cloud deployment, not being mandatory to import your data.

Will it recognize any query that I type?

If it’s related to your data, yes. Our search engine recognizes most of the terms you commonly use to explore your data. But if by chance you use some specific term that the software doesn’t recognize, you can customize the system to improve the search results.

How can I start using Wizdee?

You can start right now by requesting a demo, letting us show you what Wizdee is capable of.

In which languages is Wizdee available?

For now Wizdee is available in two languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. If your language isn’t one of these don’t worry, we will be supporting more languages in a near future. Please contact us if you need more details.

What kind of information can I track with Wizdee?

Literally every piece of information that you have stored in the data sources connected to Wizdee

What kind of connectors does Wizdee provide?

Wizdee can connect with any data source. We are constantly updating our list of connectors, supporting more CRMs, ERPs and other kind of platforms. Please check our website to know what will be the next ones. If the connector you want is not on our timeline contacts us, we would love to hear from you.

Is my data secure?

Data security is a crucial aspect of our solution and one that we take seriously. We have several security mechanisms like https and we have Cloud providers that have the best security mechanisms.

Are there limitations to the type, size or location of companies that can use Wizdee?

There are no limitations to using Wizdee. Wizdee can be used by everyone from small companies, to bigger ones, startups and nonprofit organizations. It suites any kind of industry in any country in the world.

On-premises or Cloud?

Both modes are possible, it can be a SaaS on-premises or a SaaS Cloud-based.

Does Wizdee support mobile devices?

Yes. As Wizdee has a mobile browser app, it can be accessed in all devices, including Android, iOS. You just need a web browser and an internet connection.

Can I perform Results Manipulation with Wizdee?

Getting to the results that the business user wants is the first step, but most of the times the user wants to manipulate and explore these results. We provide several features so that the user can do it.

Can I export my results with Wizdee? In which formats?

Exporting the results so that they can be integrated in documents, presentations or spreadsheets is crucial and we have export features for CSV (Excel to come), PDF and PNG, depending on the type of widget.

Does Wizdee has Forecast features?

Automatic data analytics is in our roadmap, we are working on that.

How does the free trial works?

We offer a 14-day trial, so you can experience how fast and simple it is to work with Wizdee and get answers. You can try Wizdee with your own Salesforce data or with dummy data related to sales. Soon we will be adding spreadsheets to the data you can connect with during the trial.

How do I get started on implementing Wizdee?

The initial setup will always be done by either a partner or Wizdee’s team. You will also have learning resources to help you through the implementation.

How long is Wizdee setup process?

The time it takes to setup Wizdee varies depending on your use case. To give you an example, if you connect just with Salesforce it can be up and running in minutes. If you have more complex data you to connect with, it can take a bit more.