From a Fortune 500 company to Wizdee, the path of our Head of Sales

Wizdee Laurie Mascott

Laurie Mascott has just joined Wizdee team as Head of Worldwide Sales, ready for a new challenge after more than 25 years helping enterprise software companies achieve their goals across the EMEA, US and Asian.

Laurie helped lead the growth of projects to over 10,000 users across 140 countries, had leadership roles at tech giants like Siebel Systems and Oracle and Senior roles at Datanomic, Omnibus systems and latterly in InQuira, all these companies were acquired.

Meet the motivations and goals of Wizdee’s new of Head of Worldwide Sales with a seriously successful professional path.

You have been involved with startups before, but lately you were working at a 500 fortune company, Oracle. What made you accept the invitation to join a start-up?

Oracle is a really great company where I learnt a lot and had many interesting experiences for 4 years. I actually joined Oracle as my previous company, (in the natural language search space), was acquired by them.

After 4 years however I missed being able to shape the overall strategy of a smaller startup company so decided to look at the market to see if I could find a technology that was truly inspiring. On that vein I made a conscious decision to personally target companies which fell into this category.

You have quite an experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics market. In your opinion, with new companies popping every day on this industry, how does Wizdee stand a chance?

I have been involved in reporting and analytics for nearly 25 years. If you look at most of the players in this sector today, the messages are exactly the same as they always have been, in terms of the benefits they offer it seems to be a case of “same slide different company logo!”.  Messaging refers to speed, volume and ease of use through drag and drop technology. All sounds very familiar.

As well as having been a supplier of this type of technology, I have also been a failed user. As a user I really don’t want to go through training, learn how to produce reports, understand the underlying data structures etc, etc.

The reason Wizdee will succeed is that they are the first company to apply a “google” like search box to the issue. Instead of trying to find the right report, or learn how to write a report I can just type normal sentences into a search box, or even better speak my request to get the information I need. This is really changing the rules of the game.

What main goals are you aiming to achieve and what will be the strategy for the next months?

It is imperative that we ensure our early adopters become excellent references for the technology and our new approach to analytics, so this will be key over the next few months.

Great references will be one of our major company assets. At the same time we will continue to expand our headcount in key geographic locations. We are also interested in working with a select number of key partners with which we will forge close alliances in major geographies.

Can you describe Wizdee in 3 words?

Easy, Modern, Universal.


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