From noob to speaker at Dreamforce’15 in one year

Wizdee at Dreamforce'15Paulo is the CEO of Wizdee and this is the second time the startup will be attending Dreamforce. But this year will be different, Paulo will be on stage joining a Salesforce Analytics presentation. From noobies to speakers in one year: know the journey and write down his tips.

It’s second time Wizdee will be attending, what advice would you give to companies that will be at Dreamforce for the first time?

It worked very well for us, we got to talk with the right people and we left with a clear idea of what we wanted to do the next year. Do your homework: know who are the people you want to talk with. Go to Dreamforce website and make a good planning of your agenda. Also, remember to take lots of business cards and be ready to talk with a lot of people.

In one year you went from noob to speaker. How did that happen?

Last year we wanted know more about Wave and end up talking with Alex Toussaint, Sr. Director Product Management of Wave. We told him about Wizdee and some months later we were receiving an email asking if we were interested in having early access to Wave API to integrate with Wizdee. We were trilled.

Wizdee was one of the companies invited to integrate Analytics Cloud API, how has been the experience?

It has been amazing! Being one of the seven companies worldwide invited to integrate their API it’s quite exciting and also a big responsibility. We have spent some time at Salesforce headquarters to work closer with the Salesforce Analytics team and this kind of proximity has produced great results.

Is great to see a big company like Salesforce so interested in the potential of our product.

What should we expect from Dreamforce this year?

I think that are very big news coming from Salesforce, especially the new Interface and also the Analytics cloud. So I think that we should expect a new user experience coming from Salesforce, making life easier for the end user and empowering the user with simple but powerful tools. I think that in this field, Wizdee solution on top of the Analytics Cloud is fully aligned with this vision: making access to data and data analytics easier than ever.

What sessions you won’t miss this year?

Wizdee will join a Salesforce Analytics presentation: “Next Generation: Wave Analytics Platform for Developers & ISVs“. We will be doing a live demo so it’s a great opportunity to see Wizdee in action. Analytics Cloud keynote should also be interesting and “What’s Coming from Salesforce and Microsoft” is making everyone curious.

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