We gave our Head of Worldwide Sales a challenge. Would you be able to complete it?

Sales analysis

Laurie Mascott is Wizdee’s Head of Worldwide Sales and his curriculum includes names like Oracle, Siebel and Inquira. He has more than 25 years of experience, he sure knows his way around sales, but at Wizdee we do things differently and we present him with a challenge.

When Laurie first came up, we asked him “How did you do the sales reports and presentations before you came to Wizdee?”.

Laurie answered: “Depending on the company, I would whether asked for a report to our data analysts or I had to export the data from all the different data sources and would cross it on a spreadsheet.

The next question came naturally, “How long did it take you to do that?”.

When Laurie answered 2 days we were kind of surprised.

The Challenge

We are Salesforce partners and Salesforce users, so we already had Wizdee connected with Salesforce, both the data and the dashboards automatically synced and we said to Laurie:

“Here is a challenge: you have to build your sales performance presentation in 5 minutes”.


First thing you need to know is that Wizdee is not a regular BI tool.

It let’s you analyse data just by speaking or typing queries in a search box using natural language. It automatically presents you the chart for your query and you can create dahsboards just by clicking save.

It also includes a presentation mode, so you don’t actually need to export and import charts to a slide deck, it automatically presents results in that way. This alone could save Laurie a huge amount of time.

The Answer

Laurie, of course, accept it, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

The process was simple. First step was defining what metrics and KPIs Laurie should include. We came to 6.

Laurie would need to type in the queries, change the visualisation if he wanted too and save the results into a dashboard. Next would be editing the dashboard and finally select Presentation mode.

Sounds so simple that it is harder to imagine how much work it takes to do this without Wizdee.

Laurie will perform it live on our next Webinar on the 7th of July at 5 PM GMT. If you are curious to see if actually manage to create his presentation in 5 minutes or simply on how he does it, register here.

Here is what Laurie has to say about the webinar:

Sales Analysis

Are you up to the challenge?

We can actually try to surpass this challenge.

Connect your Salesforce with Wizdee for free during 30 days. Your dashboards will be automatically sync with Wizdee and you will have Laurie’s dashboard in there too.

By using Wizdee with Salesforce you can:

– Type queries like “Expected Revenue to this quarter” and get instant answers;
– Show off to your colleagues by doing voice queries in your mobile;
– Create dashboards with a click just by saving charts or access the ones we already built for you;
– Share your discoveries with your team;
– Get insights in any device, anywhere.

Let me know if you are as good as our Head of Worldwide Sales.

See you on July 7th? (Recording Available Now)


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