Natural Language for
business data exploration

The way we explore business data is changing. With Natural Language, BI becomes as easy as doing a web search.

A new way to analyse your data

Almost 20 years ago the way we search for information changed forever. We are now completely dependent of Google’s search box to find information. And is not only Google, we use it on Amazon, Ebay, Spotify, etc....

So why not use it to search and analyse business data?

A new and fundamentally different approach to Business Intelligence is rising. Imagine that you could query your business data using a search box.

To get answers you would type something like “show me all my opportunities grouped by stage”, and the system would give you a interactive chart.

This is the type of experience that Natural Language BI solutions can offer you. Download the white paper and learn more on how Natural Language blends with BI to revolutionise the industry.

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