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Simplifying the life of Humans is the main objective of all technology but not every piece of technology is easy to work with. However, it seems that finally we are moving towards a world where “computers work like people behave” and not the other way around.


Natural Language Processing is a computer science related field aiming to enable computers to perform tasks that leverage everyday human language.

It could be described has the ability of a computer program to understand human language, analyze it and use that knowledge to perform actions.

Natural Language Processing is used for tasks like Speech processing, sentiment analysis, information retrieval and extraction, machine translation and many others, it usually takes advantage of machine learning algorithms to achieve better results.

Such uses are making NLP one of the key components of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Natural Language technology has evolved surprisingly fast in the last years and will soon have a pervasive presence in our lives.

You are already using it


On your smartphone, when you’re typing something in your message app doesn’t it give you possible outcomes of your typing?

Based on your usual speech, machine learning algorithms work to give you probable words for you to end your message.

Behind the scenes there’s a serie of coding lines but what you see in the end is simple natural language.

The same goes with Personal assistants apps like Siri and Cortana. They can recognize your speech, translate it to code, prepare the answer you’re seeking and present it in a matter of seconds.

Even if you don’t use, or know, any of that, there’s one that you use for sure: Google.

With more than 56 thousand searches done by second, it’s the biggest example of natural language use.

You have a simple Search box to write words, and behind the scenes the algorithm looks for the subject in billions of websites in a few seconds.

Natural Language for Business


Recognized by their high performance but not so good User experience, Enterprise software is slowly adding Natural language capabilities.

The use of a Natural Language allows everyone in an organization to perform several tasks without the need of an IT. Business Intelligence is an example of that.

To make a simple search sometimes you need to go through complex interfaces, formulas and filters, making BI tools only available to IT and Data Scientists. While with Natural Language you just need to enter plain english queries to analyse data.

It makes the difference between making a rush decision based on a guess or considered one based on your own data. It ends up boosting company’s performance by reducing the decision-making time.

Wizdee has focused its business in delivering a top performing and simple to use Natural Language Business intelligence solution that can be integrated with any data source, allowing users to perform queries and get the information needed in seconds.

Do you want know how can we simplify your business life?

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