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Ever found yourself asking “Where am I spending all this money?”. Yeah, we as well. In the attempt of getting some answers we would end up going through our bank transactions with a calculator in on hand and some creased receipts in the other. But let’s face it, this sucks! So we developed a better solution.

Managing personal finance for dummies

If going by months of bank transactions isn’t effective, what’s the alternative? There are some apps to help you manage your personal finance and you will always have Excel. However, you still have to import the data or go through the list of transactions, so it’s easy to skip something or simply fail to identify what a transaction was for.

The data you need is already available on your bank, the harsh part is to make sense out of it without much work and that is where Wizdee comes in.

A Google on steroids

Wizdee classifies every bank transaction with a tag. It can be restaurants, groceries, fuel, mortgage and so on. Then we use machine learning to automatically associate new expenses to existing tags, so you don’t need to lose time classifying it and can easily understand in which category are you spending the most.

To analyse the data you use a search box. Just need to type questions in plain language like “How much did I spent on restaurants last month?” or “What’s the average amount spent on fuel per month?”.

Wizdee automatically retrieves an answer with the best visualisation for you to understand results. Better yet, you can even speak the queries using your smartphone and get answers on the spot.


Where can I get this?

We know, by now you are asking”where can I download Wizdee?”.

We are pivoting this solution with European and US banks and maybe you are one of the lucky ones that will have this service embed in your online banking in the next months.

Meanwhile check this video to watch Wizdee in action.

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