Revolutionizing your Business Intelligence French style

As we head to Salesforce World Tour in Paris we got inspired by the French Revolution and its moto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”. We are not up to alter the course of modern history but we do believe that some companies’ business intelligence are in much need of a “révolution”.

Business Intelligence Revolution

For decades the power of information has been captive in the hands of a minority – data scientists, analysts and IT guys. But the time has come for business users to claim for the democratization of data.


Égalité – Data to everyone

As the amount of data increases at a stunning speed relying solely on a person or a small department to extract insights out of it it’s pure madness. On other the hand, business users have already understand that opportunities, profit and unreached consumers are hidden under your data pile.

For the sake of IT departments (who do not have the time to answer more report requests) and business users (who don’t want to wait for reports) it’s time for democratize access to data throughout your entire organization, giving people the tools they need to drive innovation.

How can you do it? Start by choosing a true self-service BI platform that would easily get everyone on board.


Liberté – What we need, when we need it

Giving business users easy access to data is just the first step. We need to give them the freedom to access information anywhere and anytime. Sales people, manager and executives who spend most of their time traveling or in any way out of the office have also the right and even a bigger need of accessing data to stay top of business.


Fraternité – Community rather than individuality

Fraternity stands for community rather than individuality. Having easy access to data is great but sharing data-based insights can boost meaningful conversations. Collaborative BI is a growing trend that merges business intelligence, collaborative tools and social media. The goal is to improve decision-making across the entire organization.


French Revolution didn’t succeed at the time but its legacy remains. A shift in companies’ habits and cultures isn’t easy to achieve, many will oppose and some will want it to fail, but in the end you are driving innovation and that is something worth to fight for.

At Wizdee we want to be part of data revolution by helping companies creating powerful and well prepared workforces, by giving users the freedom to explore data by themselves, getting instant and updated information anytime, anywhere.

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