Road to Dreamforce Recap: Analytics Cloud

Analytics Road to DreamforceWe were anxiously waiting for the Road to Dreamforce episode focused on Analytics Cloud and it didn’t disappoint us. Gigantic towers, iWatch contests, 45 sessions Analytics focused and much more. In two words: fun and innovation. Check out what Salesforce has announced for Analytics at Dreamforce’15.

Biggest Announcements
You can summarize Analytics Cloud announcements in three points:

  • Actionability framework,
  • Mobile and wearables, and
  • The launch of Sales and Services Analytics Apps.

This year they will focus on integrating Wave Analytics into their platform with a special highlight to an actionability framework that will help you drive action from your dashboards.

Mobile friendly analytics applications and wearables, particularly the Apple iWatch will also be a big thing this year. Stephanie Buscemi, SVP Product Marketing Analytics, already announced a new feature: the possibility of opening an Excel spreadsheet or CSV and make adjustments on Wave, even in your smartwatch.

Last but not the least Analytics Cloud will be launching the Sales and Service Analytics Apps at the event that will definitely add value to Wave platform.

Product Showcase
They are making it hard for you to ignore Analytics Cloud. There will be a 30 foot tower of flowing data at the campground. A competition will also take place there, with the chance of winning an iWatch from Apple. All you have to do is be the fastest to create your own dashboard and share it on social media using the hashtag #WinWithWave. Good luck!

Analytics Zone
The Analytics Zone will be on the third floor of Moscone West and Stephanie announced that there will be “larger than life” data structures. We are really curious to see what they came up with. There will also be a mobile bar where you can try different ways to interact with Wave on mobile devices and self-guided demo tours where attendees can see use cases of Analytics Cloud on Sales, Service and Marketing.

During the week you will have theatre sessions with customers showing how they’re using Wave for their business and partners presenting new applications. You will also have a second chance to win an iWatch, just take a photo with the “Wave selfie stick” and share it with #WinWithWave hashtag.

Product Keynote
Add to your calendar: Analytics Cloud keynote will be on September 17 at 9am. This year presentation will focus on customers and how they are leveraging Wave and Analytics Cloud. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Project 8 and Verizon are some of the clients set to speak at the keynote session. You can also expect new announcements regarding actionability framework, the launch of Sales and Services Apps and innovative things about mobile and wearables.

Road to Dreamforce always leave us with a teaser and this episode was no exception. Stephanie Buscemi announced that there will be a special guest to make an appearance at the keynote, but didn’t reveal more details.

Best practices, roadmaps, implementations and new add-ons for Analytics Cloud will be the main themes this year, summing a total of 45 sessions.

Stephanie highlighted a couple of sessions:

  • Introduction to Wave Analytics: Analytics for Salesforce Users;
  • Salesforce Reports + Wave Analytics: a perfect match;
  • Wave Roadmap: a sneak a peek at Wave new features and future roadmap;
  • Learn how to run your sales organization with Wave Analytics;
  • Best practices for deploying and implementing Wave.

Extra announcement – Natural Language on Wave

This one did not apear on yesterday episode of Road to Dreamforce, but we think it is really exciting. Some months ago Salesforce invited a restricted group of companies to integrate Analytics Cloud API. Wizdee was one of them so for the last months we have been working closely with Salesforce to give users a new and exciting experience – exploring their data just by speaking or typing queries using everyday language.

With Analytics Cloud betting heavily on mobile and wearables it makes sense having an easy way to access and interact with your data on the go or when you have yours hands or eyes occupied. Imagine being in the street and ask “Open opportunities with probability bigger than 70% in San Francisco” and instantly have results. We just can’t wait to step on Dreamforce stage and show you everything you can do with Wizdee.


Watch the full episode of Road to Dreamforce’15.

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