Powering Splunk Search with
Natural Language

Type plain English queries to analyse machine data on Splunk® platform

Plain English queries instead of SPL

Users no longer need to learn Search Processing Language. Wizdee leverages Splunk software by allowing users to analyse machine data just by typing everyday language queries. It instantly retrieves results, making machine data analysis as easy as a web search.

Use Wizdee's Natural Language capabilities within the Splunk platform

Type plain language queries like “Logs of Canada by week” and get instant results

Get automatic visualisations without lifting a finger to do charts

Insights available for any user

Enter Plain English Queries

"Average cost by project" or "Logs of Canada by week" are just examples of how you can query on Splunk with Wizdee.

Automatic Translation to SPL

Wizdee automatically translates your Natural Language to Splunk’s Search Processing Language (SPL), so you can verify if it is correct.

Instant Results & Powerful Visualisations

Get results in sub-seconds and visualise them on Wizdee to get powerful and editable charts.

Try Natural Language with Splunk Software

"You really are creating something that will change the daily lives of any number of companies."

Camille Landau, Strategy Consultant