The sales team from the future


Salespeople as we know them might be a threatened species. The salesperson with “people skills”, talker and good on picking social hints is no longer the most successful seller. Tech savvy reps are taking the lead as adapting to and adopting new technology becomes imperious in order to remain competitive. Take a look on how the future of sales looks like and what you’ll have to do in order to succeed.

Real-time information to close more deals

Processing information and communication in real-time is becoming mandatory. A salesperson must be able to provide timely and relevant information to the client anytime, anywhere. “ I will get back to you on this” is no longer acceptable. When you know on the spot what is the purchase history of your clients, what campaigns have worked on him, etc. you can close the deal faster.

Go mobile and give your clients answers on the spot

Having real-time information but only at the office would be a gigantic waste. Information bust be where sales reps are – on the field, at home or at the office. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are already used by salespeople. Next will be integrating business intelligence, CRMs, and m-commerces on items, such as cars, watches and wallets.

Your clients will be similar to you and not near you

Social selling or using social media to sell isn’t a new trend, but it will evolve to become more integrated into sales software, making easier to explore social data for leads and clients. Moreover sales people will be teamed up with those who they share more social similarities, instead of the traditional geographic match.

Sales assuming the lead of product creation

Marketing departments are now responsible for deciding how to respond to the market needs. However, globalization and the speed of todays’ businesses are making harder for suppliers to keep up with the demand for product innovation.

Salespeople will be compelling to co-create products with their clients, presenting highly customized business solutions.

It’s not all about technology

Attitude is what divides great from good salespeople. In the future the ideal salesperson will need to develop two main characteristics: a strong will to learn/adapt to new technology and be extremely focus on the client, as they will become more of a consultant.

Do you and your company have what it takes to succeed on sales? How do you see the future of sales?

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