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How does it work?

We connect Wizdee with your data source. You use it for one month with full capabilities enabled. In the end, either you keep it or give it back. That simple!


This is the fun part. You can try a new and shining piece of technology for free.

Use Wizdee to analyse your business data just by speaking or typing queries and see how it performs in your environment.


The trial period includes:

  • 1 Month
  • 4 Users
  • 1 Data Source
  • 3 Days in Customisations
  • Full capabilities enabled
  • Deployed on every device


Ready to start?


We believe that you will like Wizdee so much during the trial period that you will want to keep it.

After a month using Wizdee we will call you back and see how it went. You have two options:


Keep Wizdee

  • Get an extra month for free
  • Connect with all your data sources
  • Give access to more users
  • Add more customisations


Return Wizdee

Not satisfied? We will be sad to see you leave but no hard feelings. We will be here when you change your mind.



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