What are you doing with your data?

With internet and social media, companies can now gather enormous quantities of information about their clients, prospects and markets. According to the IDC report published in April last year, there are 4.4 trillions of gigabytes of digital data but only 5% is being put to work.

Now apply this to your company. How much of your company’s data is being explored? How many insights are you taking from all the information you store? Is the data you gathered about your clients being used to grow revenue?

Why are BI tools so important?

With the increasing business competition, having information to succeed is not enough. Businesses need to analyze the information that they have and get new insights to make better decisions.

Ok, if you already have a BI tool you´re probably thinking “My Company already does that. I invested in a Business Intelligence software and I receive reports from my IT department every month.”

Yeah we know, you invested a lot of money on a BI software and even more to make it work, but nevertheless only your IT guys know how to use it. The rest of your team stays in the queue to receive the reports they need. And the queue is getting longer.

Do you know what this means? This means that your company is running late. Traditional BI tools are mainly reactive tools. They are used to find a problem or threat, instead, what is needed is the ability to foresee problems or to get insights about opportunities. And that is what your company is doing, reacting to problems instead of chasing new opportunities.

“What do you suggest?”

What businesses really need are tools that enable them to explore the business information in an intuitive and flexible way. They need truly self-service solutions, easy to use and fast. BI tools need to be more flexible in the sense that any business user can do new reports and dashboards.

This is a new level of BI, or like some people coined it, it is Business Discovery. Basically is the ability to explore the data in a more flexible way, doing queries that come to your mind, testing associations between data in order to find hidden patterns or insights, but doing this just-in-time.

Wizdee is doing just that!

Wizdee is a BI software that allows you to enter queries in a search box using only natural language. Sounds familiar, right? You do it every day with Google. But Wizdee has a plus, not only the system can search through your data, but is also able to analyze the data that it fetched. You can get insights in seconds by doing searches like “Opportunities by stage” “Total sales by month” “Leads by salesman” and other far more complex.

This means that instead of waiting for your IT department to send you reports, you and everyone in your company can get information by their own. No need for technicians, power users or long training sessions. It’s information on the fly.

It’s time to put your data in the core of your company’s decisions and start making revenue out of it.

See for yourself how you can easily get insights using Wizdee.

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