Wizdee launches application to analyse Euro 2016

Wizdee Search Euro 2016

Football fans have a new way to explore data related to the European Championship, including games, teams and players.

Instead of going over endless lists of statistics, users just speak or type queries like “best scorer” on a search box and get instant answers.

“We are used to get business related queries like “Expected revenue for this quarter”, but as football fans we asked why not apply Wizdee to Euro related data?”, states Paulo Gomes, our CEO and Co-founder.

We connected Wizdee to zerozero.pt, the most popular football website in Portugal.


Euro2016 Wizdee Search


“Data is updated in the end of each game, so users can immediately start exploring it with queries like “Who scored in the Portugal – Iceland.”, “In which minute did Nani score?” and more.”, adds Paulo.

Besides being able to analyse Euro related data, you can also share your discoveries on social media and create dashboards with all the information about your favourite teams and players.


Wizdee Euro2016 Dashboards


The platform is absolutely free and it’s available for tablet and desktop. You can explore data using whether Portuguese or English.


Try Wizdee with Euro 2016 data on euro2016.wizdee.com, or just click in the image below.

Wizdee Euro 2016 EN

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