Wizdee & Salesforce, A Challenging Success Story

Wizdee Salesforce Startup Story


Salesforce needs no introduction. It has become one of the biggest players in the Enterprise Software Industry. For a startup hustling to build a product, being recognized by a big player as Salesforce, is a sign that we are in the right path to change business. This story began three years ago and we are really proud of it.

It was 2014, we had just closed our Seed Funding round, we had already built a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and we were ready to put it out there.

First stop: Dreamforce. We already had a connector built for Salesforce, so why not attend the Salesforce users “Meca” to do some research, meet possible partners and hear some feedback.


The Goliath


In that year, Salesforce was presenting Wave, its Business Intelligence tool. We are also in the BI market, so imagine our curiosity.

We were able to meet with the right persons within Salesforce that taught us more about Wave, but they were also interested in hearing our pitch.

If you ask us, the best thing about Dreamforce are the networking opportunities. We didn’t know back then, but the people we met would open the Salesforce door.


Benioff’s golden ticket


A few months later, and after some meetings with salesforce execs, we were being invited to be in a restricted group of companies, chosen by Salesforce to have early access to its API.

It’s not everyday a $55 Billion company reaches a small startup from the other side of the Atlantic with this opportunity.

In the next months, we worked closely with Salesforce to build a connector and take Natural Language to its new Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Wave technology.

As the Dreamforce 2015 came by, we were invited to take the stage and present our product and how we could empower salesforce platforms.

Paulo Gomes at Dreamforce'15

Paulo Gomes at Dreamforce’15


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A Success Story


We continued developing the product closely with Salesforce and earlier this year we were invited to be featured as a Salesforce Startup Story.

But that wasn’t all… They wanted Wizdee to be one of the few startups showcasing at the Startup Valley at Dreamforce 2016.

We will be there on Thursday, on the first floor of the Salesforce Campground, being the only portuguese and one of four European startups invited.




If you are attending #DF16, make sure you pay as a visit, to see what Salesforce and Wizdee have been developing to change the face of business intelligence.

It’s a huge opportunity that already began showing results with the portuguese press getting interested on it (read the full article here).

Challenge after challenge


Startups are made of challenges and Salesforce has been challenging us since we first made contact.

We grow solving problem after problem, defying an old industry and settled vendors every day, with a disruptive product aiming to empower user with access to data.

If you want to know more about the latest developments in our road to success, follow us on social media and subscribe our blog.


You will not be disappointed!



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