Wizdee takes the stage at Dreamforce

What a week for Wizdee… Just a year ago we were attending Dreamforce, the gigantic Salesforce conference, for the first time and as users. This year we were invited by Salesforce to be a speaker and present Wizdee on stage.

The biggest tech conference

Make no mistake, Dreamforce has become the biggest tech conference in the world, this year had 160,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors.

Salesforce takes the opportunity to announce new products, new features and discuss tech trends.

Last year they presented Wave – Analytics Cloud, their business intelligence platform. This year they launched Analytics Cloud API and invited Wizdee to be part of it.

It started months ago

Six months ago Salesforce invited a restricted group of companies to have early access to its Analytics Cloud API. Among that group was Wizdee that allows users to explore their data just by speaking or typing queries using everyday language.

“Wizdee fits perfectly on Analytics Cloud. It gives Salesforce users an easy way to access to all their data sources on the go just by using voice and text search. Plus, it deploys on Android mobile phones, Salesforce and Wave have been only available for IOS,” states Paulo Gomes, Wizdee’s CEO.

The API was presented at Dreamforce’15 and so were the applications created by the companies to whom Salesforce gave early access to the Analytics Cloud API.

“We took part in two sessions and Wizdee was actually presented as one of the great apps to watch in the future. We are felling really proud,” Paulo adds.

The future

Wizdee will continue to work closely with Salesforce Analytics team:

“We are concluding the formal partnership process with Salesforce, and Wizdee should be available in the App Exchange Marketplace in the next months” says Paulo.

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