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2016 went by crazily fast. They say it’s a good sign when we are not aware of time passing by. I couldn’t agree more. We had a great year at Wizdee: almost 300 users, Fortune 500 customers and great partnerships.

But let’s recap!


Our first users

One of our goals for 2016 was launching a public demo, so users could freely interact with Wizdee. What a better opportunity than the widely talked European championship?

We partnered with zerozero.pt to connect our business intelligence platform to real-time data about every game, team and player in the Euro 2016. Users could explore it just by typing everyday language queries in a search box.

Want to try guessing what was the most popular query?


Euro 2016 search


We got such great results and feedback that we were almost as excited with our first public demo than we were with Portugal wining the competition.

The next step was launching a public demo that allowed users to try Wizdee with their own data. The first connector we built for our public demo was Salesforce and it can be up and running in minutes.

You can also try it even if you don’t have a Salesforce account. We prepared a demo with sample data for you.

In the beginning of 2017 we’ll add Excel in a beta version. You will be able to upload your spreadsheets, analyse data, build dashboards and export reports.

If you would like to use Wizdee with Excel put your email below and be the first to try it.

During the year we will release other connectors. On the road map are names like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Intercom, Mailchimp and Google Analytics. Subscribe to this blog or follow us on social media so we can keep you posted with releases.

A deal-closing year

Wizdee officially hit the market this year and we couldn’t be prouder. The first companies using our technology include a major US bank, Fortune 500 companies, a Business Intelligence vendor and many more.

One of the industries showing more interest in our technology is Finance. Wizdee makes data analysis easy for both banks’ customers and its employees.

Let me present you two of our use cases.

A Portuguese bank wanted to offer their clients a new and more efficient way to manage personal finance.

Wizdee accepted the challenge and simplified the process till the point it became as easy as a web search. How? It classifies every bank transaction with a tag, so users don’t need to lose time doing it. Tags can be restaurants, groceries, fuel, mortgage and so on.

Users can analyse data through a search box, by typing questions in plain language like “How much did I spent on restaurants last month?” or “What’s the average amount spent on fuel per month?”.

Wizdee automatically retrieves an answer with the best visualisation, be it a chart, a table or just a number. Users don’t need to export data or leave their online banking app.

On other hand, an international bank asked us for a way to improve processes to manage, value and account portfolios assets.

The result? Instead of going through all the data and create charts by themselves, users can now do queries like ‘Evolution of the price of a security over the year’ or ‘Closing values of a portfolio’ or even ‘Taxes associated with asset Y’.

Meet our rock star partners

This year we also closed some amazing partnerships.

Our partners include other BI vendors. While this can seem surprising, for us it was a natural move. Let me explain.

In 2016 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics, Gartner downgraded every BI vendor. The explanation was that a Modern BI tool should include Natural Language Analytics, besides other features.

As Natural Language is perceived as the future of BI and a wider range of business users are demanding easier ways to analyse data, other BI vendors are looking for Wizdee as a way to complement their solution. Sisense was the first BI vendor building this type of partnership with us. You will soon be able to see the result of our work together.


We also had fun

During 2016 we got the chance to attend some great events and meet a lot of interesting people. From Gartner Data and Analytics Conference in London, to Salesforce events all over the world, including Dreamforce. We can’t forget the SAAS conference and Web Summit.

One thing all these events had in common. Each time we presented Wizdee and people saw us typing a query and instantly getting answers the reaction was always “Wow, can I try?”.

Next year is just around the corner and we hope to share Wow moments with more people.

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