Wrapping Up Web Summit 2016

Web Summit Lisbon

Now that we have caught our breath after the crazy week we had at Lisbon Web Summit, it’s time to look back, share our journey at the event and reveal what will be the next big thing for BI and Analytics.

Our Journey


Our goals were the same that any other startup: get as more meetings as we could with possible investors, partners, clients and journalists.

Did we succeed? Hell, yeah!

Between the PITCH competition, our booth and having meetings since early in the morning till late at night on Bairro Alto, we never stopped. But the week had a bumpy start.

Imagine it’s 7am, you just woke up and the first thing you see is a text message from your CEO saying he is not going to make it to the PITCH competition. You would have to take his place, even though you have never pitched in front of judges or for such an wider audience. Feeling a bit worried?

That’s how our Head of Marketing, Diana, felt learning that she had to do a pitch she had never practiced before. Watch the video below and check how it went.

Diana Silva, Head of Marketing @ Wizdee pitching @ Web Summit

Posted by Wizdee on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We got to the semifinals!

Paulo, our CEO, got better in time to PITCH for a place in the finals and presenting in the main stage (“Thank God!” – said Diana), but we didn’t make it through.

Live from the Semi Finals of the Web Summit Pitch Competition!

Posted by Wizdee on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Nevertheless, at the end of each presentation people came talk to us, interested in our product.

The buzz from the Thunderclap Campaign, social media engagement, the two pitches, the networking and all the contacts previous to the event worked better than we expected and people went to our booth to know more. We couldn’t ask for better validation.

In fact, coming to events like Web Summit is a good way to get feedback. Do people understand the product? Does it answer to their pains? Are they immediately able to come up with ways it could improve their daily work?


After a busy day in our booth (we only had it for the last day) we found out that the answer for all that those questions was YES! We are already having meetings and moving on to POCs with people that we met last week. How great is that?

Enough about us…

The next big thing


Actually, there are three next big things, not just one. During Web Summit some of the biggest decision makers of the technological world shared their views on the future. Between the hundreds of talks three trends stand out: IOT, Virtual Assistants and Bots.

IOT – Internet of Things

It’s not a new trend, more and more objects are becoming connected and it’s not going to stop. IOT’s generate huge amounts of data, but it also comes with some challenges related to security and how to extract meaningful insights from it.

Virtual Assistants

AI most well known use case are virtual assistants. While we normally interact with them for personal reasons, in the future these assistants can be used to improve our work. Analysing business data and suggest actions according with results it’s just one example.

Bots replacing apps

Bots are taking the mobile world, the amount of Apps downloaded per month is decreasing and bots inside messaging apps are taking their place, helping people reach what they need using simple natural language. Again, we soon can be extracting insights from our data by asking a bot to analyse it.

Have you attended Web Summit?

What were your main takeaways?

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